Food by passion

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AMIFOOD SA is a modern company specialised in the production of sauces, prepared foods and soups since 1890.
We offer original recipes available in various types of packaging. Alongside our traditional range we also offer a range of certified products resulting from organic farming.

About us

AMIFOOD produces brand sauces and prepared foods aimed at mass-merchandisers and wholesalers.

We ensure the whole process from the supply of raw materials to recipe development and the packaging of your products before delivery to your warehouses. 

AMIFOOD's greatest pride is to offer ready-made dishes just like those cooked at home. We are committed to developing ranges of simple as well as elaborate products in order to take the consumer on a journey though different flavours.

Discover our range

A wide rang of prepared foods inspired by Belgian and Italian cuisine, sauces for original pasta, soups and delicious vegetable purrees. 

Our Range

Food by passion

Led by a team bringing together youth and innovation, AMIFOOD combines gastronomy with great passion so that you can discover the traditional taste of simple and delicious recipes with no added preservatives. Let us guide you to unique flavours ! 

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